All About Holistic Living

Living a holistic lifestyle nourishes your mind, body, and soul. Holistic living keeps the connections between your mind, body, and soul strong and in equilibrium. For part 1 of this 3-part series about holistic living, I had the chance to sit down with Nati (@nati_akil) from Happy & Glow to learn more about how to lead a holistic life. She answered all of my burning questions and gave me so many great tips!

According to Nati, “the word holistic implies that it is not just about your physical body but also about your emotional, mental, and spiritual body. It is the combination of everything. We don’t only look at one thing. It’s about your sleep, your stress, the level of toxins you have in your body, your beauty products… it’s [a] more well-rounded [approach]. We look at everything from a ‘whole’ viewpoint. It’s not just your nutrition — it’s everything…”

To keep our mind-body connection strong, we have to be mindful of what we eat and make sure our bodies are getting the correct nutrients. Nati is a big proponent of food sourcing and its benefits for a holistic lifestyle. “People should focus on [food sourcing] because factory farms don’t feed the animals the appropriate diets. They feed them genetically modified grains and other foods that are not part of their natural diets, which creates an unhealthy animal, which we then consume. I like to source from farms that feed the animals their natural diets. So, for example, cows should be eating grass. That’s why there’s grass-fed beef. We should also try to always eat organic because there are less pesticides and toxins sprayed on the food which you’re ingesting.”

This is all part of the ‘whole,’ aka well-rounded, approach of making sure your mind, body, and soul are in equilibrium. Diet is a huge part of that. If your body is ingesting toxins and low-quality foods, it will create disequilibrium in your ‘whole.’ Nati pointed out that she always says, ‘quality over everything.’ She went on to tell me, “for your vegetables you should always try to find organic local farms that you can buy from… It’s really important to always get seasonal, local, organic fruits and vegetables. We aren’t used to buying seasonal because we are so used to going to the supermarket and finding everything. We have this convenience of always getting anything [we crave].” Nati added, “if you’re going to eat meat, eat quality meat where the animal has been fed its natural diet and has not been given antibiotics, because then you are eating that. You are what you eat!”

By feeding your body organic and whole ingredients we are one step closer to achieving a holistic lifestyle. Tune in for parts 2 and 3 of this series where we’ll examine the importance of exercise, meditation, and stress reduction. When we achieve the equilibrium between mind, body, and soul we will fully experience a holistic life.

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