Astrology and Crystals

Bramelis is the founder of Numastralis and the Astrologer who lends us her expertise for Aya Crystals. Since she was 9 years old, Astrology has been her passion. At 15, she completed her first Astrology course and in 2009, she graduated as a professional Astrologer. She went on to complete her Master’s at the Universidad Clandestina de Astrologia (UCLA-UILA) in 2019, where she now teaches professional Astrology courses online.

“Astrology is an asset that you can utilize to make decisions and to understand yourself and the environment around you. It can make you more flexible, adaptable, and understanding,” Bramelis says. Astrologers can’t tell you what to do. They are your GPS: they show you the possible routes and you decide which one to take. They give you the information you need to make informed decisions, but they do not make the decisions for you. They can identify obstacles that you’re going to encounter and how to counteract them.

Astrologers work with the available energies. That is why their work is so interconnected with crystals. Crystals have 2 basic functions, according to Bramelis. One, to improve your birth chart or the solar return chart, and two, to heal or harmonize certain health issues. Everyone has ups and downs in their chart, and crystals have the unique ability to help shift the energies within your chart — whether they are negative or positive energies. For example, if your chart shows that you will live through a hard moment at the beginning of the year, an astrologer can recommend certain crystals for you in order to help you deal with these negative energies and shift those energies into something different.

To get the most out of your crystals, Bramelis says that you should always have the crystal that corresponds with you for the current year near you. You can wear the crystals, you can carry the crystals in your purse, you can have them in your home, etc. If you travel, you should take them with you. You don’t necessarily have to have them on your body 24/7, but the crystals should be in the same space as you or close by.

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