Keeping Active while Pregnant

Being pregnant with my fourth child has been amazing, while at times challenging. In my past pregnancies, I always found it so hard to workout, and gained 80 pounds in each pregnancy. However, this time around, I am excited and motivated to stay active. I wanted to keep my body moving because this practice has become a huge part of my life. Knowing the importance of staying active and how beneficial it is for keeping my mind, body, and spirit balanced, made me want to do things differently this time around. 

The best advice I can give to someone feeling the same way is: Something is better than nothing! Even if it’s just taking a walk around the neighborhood. It’s so important to move our bodies for our health and overall happiness, so finding a routine that works is key. I realized that taking walks, sometimes long walks and sometimes short ones, and mixing in a round of weights has kept me feeling strong, healthy, and happy. The decision to add a round of weights has been amazing for keeping me toned and strong. This will help make getting in shape post-baby a much easier process. I can’t wait to share some of my favorite routines with you soon!

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