My Skin Journey

If you’ve struggled with acne you are familiar with the stresses that come with it.

There is the constant priority to maintain a standard of skincare and of practicing certain habits. There’s also the stress of being presentable and not feeling free in my own skin. But the hardest part was always how my skin would go from zero to one-hundred. I accepted that breakouts were just a part of my life.

I had considered taking Accutane as a potential solution to my acne struggle – but this scared me! Accutane is an acne medication that is known for being both effective and powerful.) A few of the facts that always kept me on the fence about Accutane was that it gets worse before it gets better and it is not for those looking for an all-natural solution.

Finding My Solution — I continued my journey and tried a bunch of different things but I wanted to get to the root cause of what was causing my acne in order to cure it. It wasn’t until one day my doctor recommended taking a food sensitivity test for overall health. Once I got my results I made the commitment to my overall health and catered my diet to my body. I started removing foods and ingredients from my diet that came on my high sensitivity list and were causing inflammation /acne.This was truly the first thing that REALLY worked for me. After so many years of doctors, recommendations from friends and family, and even the best tips from reliable articles and studies – I found the solution to the root of my problem.

This picture was taken when I was drinking whey protein shakes
and my acne was the worst it had ever been.

It turns out listening to my own body made the biggest difference in my acne journey and in my overall health. Not only was I enjoying improved skin health I also felt so light and healthy. I was finally aligned with my body. This journey taught me to listen to my body and observe myself.

Every body is unique, our bodies respond differently to certain foods + other triggers. This is why I loved doing the Food Sensitivity Test periodically because it also helps you be more aware of what your body needs and how to keep your body in balance.

Lesson of the day: Your body’s talking to you. You just need to listen!

I recommend my doctor if you are in the area, tell her Alina De La Vega sent you!
Dr. Miranda – Gables Office
Phone: (786) 227 – 6811
Social Media: @purehealthmiami

Food Sensitivity Tests I Recommend For Any Budget:
First and foremost, speak with your doctor and try to take this exam with your primary doctor. If you have symptoms such as IBS, bloating, headaches or fatigue you may be able to have your insurance cover the cost. If you’d rather skip the doctor’s appointment or are just too excited to get your hands on the result you can try any of these tests.
$35 Ultimate Health – Simply Health Checks: 900 Sensitivities Tested
$38 Complete Sensitivity – Check My Body Health: 970 Sensitivities Tested
$259 Food Sensitivity Comprehensive Test – Everlywell


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